Clever Collages by Lomographers

Use your many-a-lomogaph tucked away in boxes to a greater, more purposeful end! Add words in the form of magazine clippings to the surface of your photos and proudly spread the word of your shindig in an artistic way!

What you’ll need:

  • Lomographs
  • Magazines
  • Fingers
  • Glue
Original photo by kezz

Are you tired of spending hours at the supermarket picking out a greeting card box-set knowing that all your fiends will end up buying the same one? Here’s where your greeting cards will stand out from the crowd and definitely stump your Secret Santa!

Either send in for duplicates of your favorite seasonal photo or make each one unique to the friend and card recipient!

Original photo by werriston

Need a reason to share your beautiful, scenic, photos with others? Why not pick appropriate, or not at all appropriate, photos to use to create little notes or casual, playful invitations to go for a coffee or take a stroll? You’ll certainly brighten anyone’s day and impress that special someone!

All you have to do is rip out the letters you need from any old magazine and paste them on! Remember they don’t have to be aligned!

Original photo by poitr

Throwing a party and want to hint at what gifts you’d most appreciate your friends bringing you? If the photo invite isn’t enough, why not be explicit and write something along the lines of “Wanted: Film, Reward: Party” in ransom note format!

Original photo by goonies

We suggest you start collecting your glossy alphabet now! Just be forewarned, never tear up the latest edition of that fashion magazine your sister subscribes to, she might get into a ripping frenzy herself, your hair being the target!

So won’t you ransom-notify your photos?

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