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And here we are again, this time with Delfino, a young photographer born and raised in Milan who lives his daily life surrounded by architecture and photography. His great calmness, makes him tasting the shots of his cameras in ways entirely unique, in the end he says:“Each of them has a different taste and is able to return the real according to their own poetry.” And what’s more poetic, real and true costs of a neighborhood market, where a thousand flavors, colors, and culture come together?

Lomography and Essen continue their partnership whose main ingredients are professional photographers, a wide selection of analogue photographs, and, of course, culinary delights.

Now, let’s take a look at Delfino’s interview and get mesmerized with his shots…

You are:

Delfino Sisto Legnani

But your real name is:

Delfino in evolution: for some, I am photographer, for others, I am an architect. I am a collector of moments and spaces.

Where did you grow up and what’s the place you now call “home”:

Oh, home 
let me come home 

Home is wherever I’m with you oh,
let me come home

Home is when I’m alone with you

“Analogue or Digital” is something like saying “Heart or Brain”. What do you think about it?

Each half is designed to convey a certain content type, each situation must be lived as the “head or heart.” Certainly the heart leads me to the analogue: each machine tells something. The many analog instruments I use to work with are very different from each other. Each has a different taste and is able to return the real according to their own poetry. As well as each film has its own peculiarities.
That said I can not ignore the many advantages and opportunities that digital provides. Digital is flexible, convenient and suitable for the current photography market, where budgets are unfortunately increasingly scarce …

What did you think when Essen asked you to shoot this photo session with a Lomography camera?

I thought it could be an opportunity to experiment with some machines which by their nature give Lomo photography unpredictability. It ’was an opportunity to abandon my self to the uncertainty of the result.

Why didi you choose three different cameras? It was a flirt or a true love story?

It ’was a flirt with all of them … In the photo habit I do not believe in monogamy. The choice of 3 very different instruments essentially represent the will of a mosaic made ​​up of very different but compatible cards.

This shooting is made ​​up of individual moments lived narrating a story that takes place shot after shot. Takes the form of a simple recipe. Tell us about your path?

The genesis of the shooting took place only through the intuition of the moment. Contrary to my habit to implement projects through a lengthy design process, this time I decided to give up the reins and abandon myself to the unpredictability imposed by the machines i work with for intuitively express the individual moments and record them on film.

Wich one is your favourite photo and why?

The scale and the pot on the fire are 2 shots that represent my way of experiencing reality. Do not take anything for granted. The moment I tripped the shutter, the scale and the pot were not inanimate objects but living beings with their own dignity and its own character. The subject comes to life. I treat them with respect and try to shed light on their character, their intrinsic soul, their history.

If you could add an eleventh Golden Rule of Lomography what would it be?

Learn the rules. Forget them. Continue to try something new. Without pre-conceptions.

Piecing Delfino’s puzzle picture we were lead inevitably to a delicious recipe which Essen | A taste magazine, reveals us. To read it and see all the photos of the service click here.

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