The Making of E Two, Oh Are You: A LomoKino Film

We were handed a test model of the LomoKino prior to the launch and were instructed to make a “gritty, East London film”. Here’s what we came up with! Read on…

East London is known for being cool, creative, edgy and all things trendy. So naturally, when the LomoKino tester models arrived into Lomography UK HQ, our boss Adam requested a film that fit in with the East London aesthetic.

Emma came up with a concept and took the helm as director. I jumped on board as actress (but had to be plied with some red wine first!), and our flatmate Rich agreed to make a cameo appearance.

Director Emma with the LomoKino/SpeedLight set up.

First thing that was decided, was that if we were to make an “edgy” film, then it should be shot in black and white film. We grabbed a box of Lady Grey 400 It would be perfect for shooting indoors.

Secondly, we needed a flash. We tried out the Fritz the Blitz and while it recycled fast, it wasn’t fast enough. So we tried out Emma’s Canon SpeedLight flash, and it was perfect! It flashed on every turn, no matter how fast we cranked the advance wheel! We used a light meter to determine all the correct settings and then we were ready to go.

We then created our character. She’s quite East London: pink hair, army jacket, ripped stockings and big chunky boots. She’s also quite drunk (ahem).

A still from our film.

Then we started shooting! We filmed each scene with just a short burst of frames, repeating some scenes for effect. It took just three rolls of film to complete our scenes. For those interested, we listened to Nirvana to serve as a grungy soundtrack.

We dropped our rolls into the LomoLab to be developed, scanned and made into a movie. It was a tense wait but the scans and the movie turned out brilliantly! Emma did a small amount of editing, mostly putting the scenes into order. The dancing scene, for example, was too long, so she split it up between other scenes.

The very last thing to do was to pick music. Guitars, electro, dance, hiphop? It was quite difficult and ended up taking the longest out of the whole process! We settled on hipster favourite Caribou. Their song Sun seemed like the perfect fit for our film.

So here it is, in all its edgy, East End glory! Enjoy!

The LomoKino is available now at Lomography Gallery Store East London!

117 Commercial Street, London, E1 6BG.

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