Children's Paradise [Chung Shan Creative Hub URS21]

Imagine if one day the giants throw their building blocks onto a green field, how interesting could that be?!

Colourful houses spread all over a green field vertically and randomly. At first sight, one would think that they are big building blocks of giants but after taking a closer look, they are actually colourful houses of different sizes and shapes. From the investigation in the growth of Asian population, the highly-packed living environment are causing buildings to be built vertically due to limited space. Buildings are extending vertically up to the sky and eventually outnumbering lower houses, which is why JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture uses ‘The Vertical Village’ as the theme of this exhibition.

The big and tall buildings are like objects scattered all around, sitting on top of the small and low building blocks. Some days, the blue sky of the city may be fully covered by these tall buildings. What if one day our city has more of the lower houses instead of these tall and big buildings? In this way, our sky may be even vaster and wider and it’s easier to embrace the blue sky!

The Vertical Village – Individual, Informal, Intense
A New Living Proposal For Asian Cities Evolution

Exhibition Date: 2011.10.08 – 2012.01.08
Curatorial Team: MVRDV, T?F
Opening Hours of Exhibition: Tue~Fri, Sun 10:00-18:00/ Sat 10:00-20:00
Location: URS21 Chung-Shan Creative Hub
Address:No.21, Sec. 1, Minsheng E. Rd., Taipei City, Taiwan
Free Admission

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