Some Insights in Colour Bleach/Fixing Colour Pictures

I’ve only started processing my own colour film using a Jobo 1500 a few months ago, but I’ve already picked up a few things you might find useful, too.

Credits: stratski

First thing I learned: do not worry too much. Let me get this straight: I’m not very patient, and I don’t have the dedication to go for perfection. I don’t have the time and money to experiment too much with different chemicals. I don’t have the patience and precision to mess with extremely exact amounts of chemicals. I tend to use crappy old camera’s and/or non-standard film (home made redscale, expired stuff, you know, the usual). And yet I manage to get pretty decent pictures from my negatives, without having to tweak them too much. All pictures in this tipster are home processed. If I can do it, so can you. Probably even if you don’t have the incredible Jobo 1500.

Credits: stratski

Secondly: shit happens, but it’s not always a problem. Perhaps you find it useful to know that when you forget to bleach/fix your film, you can do it after you have taken the film out of the darkroom and noticed this.

In a processing machine like the Jobo, it’s easy to accidently leave the cap of one of the chemical bottles open. When this happens, the chemical in question will not be used. If this happens with the developer, you’re screwed. But the fix/bleach is not a problem, as long as you notice it soon enough.

How do you notice this? You’ll see when you take your film out of the tank. The film will show that it has been developed (you’ll clearly see rectangles on your negatives, and even images on the emulsion side), but the film will be opaque, and when you hold it to the light, you will not be able to see through it, like with normal negatives.

Do not panic, but re-spool your film (it’s easier in the light – every disadvantage has its advantage, to quote Johan Cruijff), and go back to your machine. You may notice one of your chemical bottles is open, and still contains chemicals. Just run your developing program again. Don’t fill the developer bottle, the film has already been developed so you’ll only want it bleached/fixed. Don’t fill the bleach/fix bottle, it’s still full from the first run, that’s why your film hasn’t been bleach/fixed after all.

Here are some (cross processed) pictures that were bleached/fixed later:

Credits: stratski

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