I Do Haiku You #6: How a Civilization Might Flourish

Sean Lotman is interested in the narrative potential of photography. In an ongoing project called I Do Haiku You, he composes haiku and senryu poetry to companion images taken with a Diana F+.

Mathura in Uttar Pradesh is often overlooked by travelers to India. But it’s sacred Krishna country and draws Hare Krishnas from all over the world on their way to Vrindavan. The town faces the Yamuna River at sunrise and there are many bathing ghats for pilgrims, which is where I shot this passenger around 7 in the morning. It was shot with a Diana F+ with Portra 800.

How a Civilization Might Flourish
man needs great frontiers
if his spirit is to thrive
beyond this small place

In Sean’s own words, “These varieties of Japanese verse are concerned with physical and human nature, composed in a taut structure as to suggest a moment, much in the way a photograph does. Haiku poetry, like photography, has an instant, strong, fairly emotional resonance. Put together these two art forms enhance each others power so that, very briefly, a story is told.”

Photo and words by Sean Lotman. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Sean now lives in Kyoto, Japan. Read more I Do Haiku You series here.

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