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“Fantasmagorie“ is a French animation film by Émile Cohl created in 1908. It is considered to be the first animated cartoon. Read more about this animated cartoon after the break.

Émil Cohl was a French graphic artist and the first cartoon filmmaker in Europe. In 1908, he joined the Gaumont film company as a writer, but then moved to making animated films. Cohl made a lot of films (over 250), using drawings, cut-outs, puppets and more.

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Cohls film "Fantasmagorie“ (phantasmagoria in English) is likely the first all-animated film in history. Fantasmagorie is a French word, defined as "a constantly shifting complex succession of things seen or imaged“. He worked on this film for about 5 months. Cohl had drawn each frame on paper which he shot onto negative film. For this film, which takes about a minute and 20 seconds, he had to draw about 700 pictures which he photographed later. The colors in the negatives weren’t inverted on the film so it looks like chalk on a blackboard although it was originally drawn with a black pen on white paper.

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The film has no real story or structure. You can see different scenes which are morphing into other different images. In the first scene, a hand is drawing a little clown which doubles as a chubby guy who falls into a chair in a theater. There are more of these crazy metamorphoses. Just watch it yourself!

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