COLORAMA Collages by Simone Frignani

Many of you take Polaroid photos. But does any of you make collages out of Polaroid pictures like Simone Frignani? Read the whole article and look at the amazing collages he makes!

Simone Frignani, 34, is an Italian Polaroid artist based in Berlin. He doesn’t only shoot Polaroid photos with his SLR680, SX-70, 340 Land, and 600 SE Polaroid cameras, he also modifies the polaroids. There are several polaroid artists who paint at their photos, but Frignani does more than that. He invented his own personal technique to create polaroid collages.

He hit on this brilliant idea on a hot and boring day in August 2004. In his small hometown near Mantua, he took many photos of flowers and tree trunks. Unfortunately, a lot of pictures were underexposed. Back at home, he cut one of the dark polaroids and experimented with some pens and the emulsion. That was the day when he noticed that you can paint on the Polaroid photo with the emulsion. He called this technique COLORAMA.

Frignani removes the backside of the Polaroid photo in order to work with the emulsion which isn’t fixed yet. He uses fibre pens, acrylic, letraset types, tape and images and words from magazines.

The main themes of his COLORAMA Polaroids are sex and religion.

Here are some of his stunning works:

What about you? Have you ever modified your Polaroid pictures in this or a similar way? Show us your works!

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