Recap of Lomokino launching party @Lomography Gallery Store Seoul

Last Thursday evening around 7pm, the Lomography Gallery Store was already packed with passionate Lomographers and analogue lovers! Here is Lomo LC-Wide pictures of party!

Credits: lomography_korea


Smiling dress-up analogue lovers walked on the red carpet to the Lomography Galley Store Seoul and hidden window sticker with launching time of new product. Please wait a bit if you really want to see what it is :-)

Credits: lomography_korea

There were so various Lomographers from China, Germany, US, Italy…and Korea! Talked about favorite cameras, hot issues of Seoul and mystery product watching teasure videos on the screen before beautiful accordion performance!

Credits: lomography_korea

Accordion player and singer, A-rem LEE gave us so meaning time with glorious songs from classic movies.

Then, time to reveal of mystery product!
Please come closer!

Let’s count together, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!!!!!!!

Credits: lomography_korea


Credits: lomography_korea

Super 35mm analogue movie maker, Lomokino!! People tryed to wind crank wheel and watched short movies into Lomokinoscope with smile.

Credits: lomography_korea

Lomography Galley Store Seoul turned to a dark cinema and a Korean movie director, Jong-kwan KIM, ‘Come closer(2010)’, ‘How to operate a polaroid camera(2004)’ made a speech about Lomokino and his short Lomokino movie. You can see his Lomoamigos Lomokino interview next week, please wait! We watched all together very creative Lomokino movies of different movie directors and int’l testers. Great ideas and experimental tries gave visitors inspirations to get their own movies. How about you? Please share your Lomokino movie :-)

And don’t miss a super great chance to visit Seoul for free Seoul All Aroun You competition! Lomography Gallery Store Seoul is also waiting you :-)

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