A Closer Look at the LomoKinoScope


The LomoKinoScope offers a great way to view your LomoKino movie after it has been developed – Read after the jump for more on Lomography’s first analogue movie-making accessory…

The LomoKinoScope

Available in the LomoKino and LomoKinoScope Package, the LomoKinoScope is a device for viewing your LomoKino movies once they have been developed. It allows you to watch your movie without having to scan or edit using a computer. Offering a purely analogue experience, the LomoKinoScope works like a mini projector – Hold it towards a light source, look into the eyepiece, wind the crank and watch the frames of your movie whizz by in quick succession. In this article, we’ll give you some tips and important information on the best way to make use of this analogue aid!

Don’t Cut Your Negatives

Firstly, to watch your LomoKino movie using the LomoKinoScope, you need to make sure that your negatives are un-cut – This is because the LomoKinoScope needs the entire roll of film to load. But if you do cut your negatives, don’t worry, you can still easily scan and edit them into a movie using editing software on your computer.

Using Different Film Types with the LomoKinoScope

Another important thing to bear in mind when using the LomoKinoScope is that it works best when loaded with color slide film developed regularly in E6 chemicals. The reason for this is that with this kind of film and development you’ll get ‘positives’ rather than ‘negatives’ back from the lab – When you view a positive through the LomoKinoScope, all the colors will appear as they should; in contrast, when you view a negative through the LomoKinoScope, all the colors you see will be inverted. You can still use the LomoKinoScope with negatives but just remember you won’t see the correct colors – Nonetheless, loading the LomoKinoScope with a negative strip is a great way of ‘previewing’ your movie before you scan and edit it on your computer.

The video above from Lomography UK features the LomoKinoScope in action!

Is this LomoKino Movie for Home Viewing or Sharing?

So you’ve shot your first LomoKino movie and can’t wait to see the results – What next? Well, you have 2 options:

(1) Scan your movie and edit it into a movie using editing software on your computer
(2) Watch your developed movie straight away using the LomoKinoScope

These options are not completely mutually exclusive from one another. As stated above, you can easily preview your movie using the LomoKinoScope and then scan it. But things are trickier if you want to scan your movie first and then watch it using the LomoKinoScope – This is because to scan your film you’ll probably have to cut your negatives into strips and once your negatives are in strips you won’t be able to load them into the LomoKinoScope. So when you get your LomoKino roll back from the lab, it’s best to decide what you want to do with it – Is this roll for private home viewing? Then don’t cut it and view it with the LomoKinoScope – Is this roll for sharing with the rest of the world? Then it’s best to cut it, scan it and edit it on your computer.

Loading the LomoKinoScope

If you decide you want to view your movie using the LomoKinoScope, this how-to video below should help you to load it and watch your movie – And you can find more detail on the process on the Features Page of the LomoKino Microsite. Happy shooting LomoKino Directors!

Bringing analogue back to the movies with a bang in the 21st century, the LomoKino is a Lomography movie camera that shoots spectacular, creative movies on all kinds of 35mm film. Head to the Microsite, watch some Movies and begin your analogue movie-making journey today!

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