Cultural Center of the Philippines


A center for Filipino Art and Culture. Famous place for theatre show with a gallery and library.

When I was about to start grade school. I became an honorary member of my Grand mother’s school choir. I was more of a mascot that anything really, but it was really nice to get to sing at really nice places with kids much older than I was. They were pretty great to taking regional championships and eventually the national crown for choral competitions. The championship round was held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines sadly, I wasn’t able to perform because I got sick two days before the event.

The Cultural Center of the Philippines was a land mark I used to see every single day when I was in college. Built in 1969, It was intended to be the hub where Filipino arts and culture would be cultivated and shared. It currently houses a gallery, library, one main theatre where major productions and concerts are held and three smaller theatres for scaled down performances and screenings. Designed by Filipino architect and National Artist Leandro V. Locsin, the CCP bathes in the glorious sunset of Manila Bay and is quite a sight to behold at any angle. It is the centerpiece of a master planned Cultural complex which includes the Manila Film Center, Folk Arts Theatre and PICC, and Coconut palace. It located at a main thoroughfare of Manila, Roxas Boulevard and is quite accessible via jeepneys or cabs.

Every morning, you’ll find health buffs running around the CCP making full use of the long ramp and expansive lawns for some jogging, cycling, aerobics and what not. But come sunset the central fountain comes alive for passers by to adore and marvel at. While I might not have had the opportunity to sing at the CCP I have always enjoyed the performances of orchestras, plays and ballets there. But I have to admit that deep inside, I would always wonder what it would be like to be up on that stage where some of the best artists both local and foreign have shared there art.

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