My Lovely Kodak Pro Image 100


Searching for a brand new film that you haven’t tested yet? Why don’t give it a try. Kodak ProImage 100 was creatyed not to deceive but to please you with it’s very natural and superb colour

“Kodak Pro Image 100 is is a medium speed (EI 100) film that features high color saturation, accurate color and pleasing skin-tone reproduction, and good underexposure latitude. It is intended for portrait and social applications, and can be stored at room temperature—even in hot, humid climates. Its printing characteristics are similar to those of Kodak GOLD Films to help simplify printing for photofinishers.” (Description from Kodak.)

Credits: analogmonolog

Personally, I think I’m really satisfied with this film. ISO 100 means I should shoot during sunny day (if I’m using toy camera with fixed shutter speed and aperture) and I can expected it to receive fine grain images which it didn’t fail to deliver. It produced awesome colors (accurate colour according to Kodak) which I find hard to resist. Some of the films in the market have their own specific colour range such as Lucky 200 good in capturing reds. However, this film captures all the colors—red, blue, green—with no problem (I mean, there’s no dominating color).

I already tried it during day and night and it didn’t disappoint me. If you capture colourful lights or lamps at night you’ll be shocked with the result, as it’s almost the same as what you see with you naked eyes. Kodak claims that it has good underexposure latitude. I think it’s a great advantage for us, especially when shooting during night time.

Credits: analogmonolog

Lastly, I think it’s a great film especially for those who are dreaming of having awesome but natural colour. Grab it quick at your nearest photography stores!

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  1. nuhdos
    nuhdos ·

    thanks for the review

  2. lomaugustry
    lomaugustry ·

    Love this film I recently picked up a few rolls in Mexico it's not common in North America I saw the results and I loved them.hopefully I can find some again somewhere I think it has a very uncommon colour pallet that I like. Great with yellows greens and blues especially.

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