La Sardina Meets The Day of The Dead in Mexico

The Day of The Dead, an ancestral tradition in Mexico since early years from the ancient pre-hispanic cultures in Mexico to our days, now mixed with a bit of Spanish culture to bring what now we call in Mexico “Día de Muetros”

November the 2nd is the day the Mexican people and another cultures in America celebrate “El día de Muertos” a tradition that evolved since the pre-hispanic cultures and that has been declared as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

This special day is all about to remember and offer tribute to dead people who come from house to house in soul and spirit to visit their families.

This time I went out with my La Sardina to capture some offering that are located in Mexico City’s downtown, and what you can see on it, is a mix of traditional elements used to decorate the altars such as cempazuchitl flower, mirrors, candles, chocolate and sugar skulls and a particular kind of orange bread called “Pan de Muerto” made out of wheat flour, orange and sugar, decorated with bread bones.

You can find different types of elements on the altars but the most important element is photography of the remembered dead people.

Another important element on this celebration are the “calaveritas”, an old tradition consisting to write some words in rime about the people who has past away, mostly like an epitaph, but with a little sense of humor. Now is usual to write those rimes about living people, like politicians, artists and friends, a very funny tradition.

Now you can have an Idea of this particular celebration trough the eye of La Sardina

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written by llorchdlp on 2011-11-07 #news #mexico-culture-november-festivities-lasardina-skull-dayofthedead-diademuertos-prehispanic

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