LomoKino Party Review at Lomography Gallery Store Tokyo!

Finally, the day of Lomokino Launch Party came! So many visitors came to the Lomography Gallery Store Tokyo. Please check out the latest party review !

Before the news had come, people enjoyed our red-carpet decorations at the store.
And then the LomoKino Special movie started on the screen at last! Everybody was excited for the new camera. Our guests discussed how they enjoyed it on our website and in print.

And Lomography`s Lab service, LomoLab added a new item to the menu for the LomoKino. (e.g : 1470 JPY ~ for Develop & Scan & CD). Currently only Lomography Gallery Store Tokyo offers the service right now but the Lomography Online shop will release the same menu very soon!

We gave some of the first visitors some presents. The present is a reversal film shoot by the Lomikino. Every film has different scenes.

At the end of party we started a photo session with LomiKino. After we had some rehearsals, we started to shoot a LomoKino Movie! We are going to upload this movie later ! So please stay tuned!

Thank you so much for joining the party everybody! It was amazing moment!

written by kyonn on 2011-11-03 #news
translated by tame

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