LomoKino Director Interview - José Martret

We had the opportunity to speak with José Martret, the director of the Lomokino Short film “Que nadie se entere”. Read on for his first impressions of the new Lomography movie camera.

José Martret

Lomography: José, please tell us a little about how you came up with the idea of shooting this short film

José: This summer I ran into Pasquale Caprile and he told me about the LomoKino and its features – He offered to give me a camera to shoot a short film because he needed directors who wanted to experience the possibilities of the camera.

I was amazed and curious by the idea, so I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Nowadays nobody shoots a 35mm film, people only think about digital… So the madness of shooting an analogue film drove me crazy. A few days later I had the idea rolling around in my head…

Lomography: Can you give us your vision about the story you’re telling?

José: I’ve always felt fascinated with everything related to the world of transsexuality. I think transsexuals are the bravest people in earth. They’re born in the wrong body and they do everything possible to change that body, knowing that they might suffer rejection from society and even from their own family.

In my latest short film “¡¡¡TODAS!!!” I showed the reality of a transsexual working in prostitution; in contrast, for my LomoKino movie I wanted to tell the story of three transsexual sisters, from an idyllic and optimistic point of view. I show a mother that had three sons, and the three decided to change gender, becoming three gorgeous and spectacular daughters. The film shows us a family dinner; a family formed by a mother, her three daughters and theirs husbands. I’ve included in the story a kid who looks fascinated at them; this kid could be another son, or the son of one the daughters, or a neighbor who comes to dinner that night or the own image of the author.

I needed to find music that the audience could relate with the story. I didn’t want anything obvious so I wanted a song that tells exactly the opposite of what they’re seeing, and I found it! “QUE NADIE SE ENTERE” is an amazing song by OLGA GUILLOT. It tells us about a hidden relationship which no one could find out about… In a “normal” situation, unfortunately, a mother might not feel comfortable with the sex change of her three sons and would do everything she could to hide it from the family, the society and the rest of the world…or maybe she wouldn’t give them her acceptance and move away from them… but the world is changing and here we show a woman who accepts the changes of her sons; who loves, supports and admires her new daughters to the point of organizing this fantastic dinner for them and their husbands.

Lomography: Tell us about how you formed the production team

José: For me the most important thing was to achieve harmony; within the family, wardrobe, make-up, hair-stylists and lighting. I needed all of that together in a spectacular set.

Pasquale Caprile was in charge of Lighting – a great photographer, friend and expert in the LomoKino camera. For the set I had Alberto Puraenvidia. I’ve worked with him in all my short films and he has always been able to find the perfect set for each project. The dinner wardrobe was designed by Lorenzo Caprile – I needed the daughters to be really elegantly dressed, so I couldn’t find a better designer; a person who achieves elegance through common sense.

This amazing team was completed by my muses. For the role of the mother I had Maribel Luis, a wonderful actress who has worked with me for more than 20 years. For the roles of the three daughters, I had three women who had lived the same makeover process than the characters in the film: Topacio Fresh, Ivana Vázquez and Natalia Sánchez. They had worked with me in ¡¡¡TODAS!!! And during that shooting they suffered a lot so I felt like I owned them something; so in “Que nadie se entere” I showed them as authentic princesses. I also looked for three handsome husbands (Javier Delgado, Reynaldo Triveño and Fran Antón) and I just had to sit them around the table and the rest came along.

Lomography: What did you feel while shooting with the new Lomography LomoKino?

José: Having the opportunity to shoot 35mm film in the middle of the digital era is an absolute luxury.
This was like going back to the Lumiere Brothers era. There has been a long time since I waited for a film developing with such an illusion and excitement. It has been absolutely magic. I adore the LomoKino.

Lomography: Could you define the differences between shooting a digital short film and an analogue one?

José: Well, that depends of the kind of movie… Before, anyone could shoot a digital short film, with a mobile, or a most sophisticated camera. But shooting in 35mm couldn’t be so easy and handy… Besides, when shooting in analogue you always needed higher budgets than shooting in digital. Now everything is changed thanks to the LomoKino. You could shoot stories in 35mm with very special results and much faster than it used to be.

“Que nadie se entere” Making of from Carmen Kenedy on Vimeo.

Lomography: After this first experience of shooting in analogue, are you happy with the results?

José: The LomoKino shooting has been very special and the whole team has experienced the magic of shooting again in analogue.

Lomography: What would you recommend to directors who feel curious about the new LomoKino and what to experience with the analogue movies?

José: I would advise them to think of a simple 30 seconds story and try it. This is how I started. First I experienced the LomoKino with a 30 second short film: “A tu lado, siempre”. Then I shot the 3 minutes film “Que nadie se entere”. I think that everybody who likes the cinema will enjoy having a LomoKino at home.

Lomography: Will you do it again?

José: Without question! I’m thinking about shooting a videoclip from a Spanish artist.

Lomography: What do you think about Lomography launching a movie camera and getting into the sophisticated universe of movie making?

José: The idea of having a Lomographic camera that shoots movies on any 35mm film is a dream! Anytime, anywhere you can shoot a short film! It’s a very attractive way of making vintage movies.

Lomography: José we just wanted to congratulate you for this work and are glad that you were one of the first people to enjoy this new and amazing Lomography camera…The LomoKino. CHEERS TO LOMOKINO!!!

A TU LADO, SIEMPRE (By your side, always) from Carmen Kenedy on Vimeo.

Bringing analogue back to the movies with a bang in the 21st century, the LomoKino is a Lomography movie camera that shoots spectacular, creative movies on all kinds of 35mm film. Head to the Microsite, watch some Movies and begin your analogue movie-making journey today!

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