Lomokino - Launch at the Gallery Store in Berlin

Lomokinos at the Gallery Store in Berlin! The red carpet awaits you, the popcorn pops, the ticket ripper takes the special Lomokino launch tickets and welcomes everyone personally. The walls flicker under the light of iconic cinematic imagery. The famous director’s seat is taken but there is still space for everybody in the spotlight, and a lot of Lomokinos to play with.

This is a turning point in Lomographic history: the day that lomographs started to move. There is a certain mood in the air in the Lomography Gallery Store Berlin today. It’s a beautifully analogue mood. The mood of great cinema. The jingling of the piano, small little film flickers dancing through the store, elegant people wandering around with the LOMOKINO in the hand saying “oohhh” and “ahhh” and “what the hell?”

Film history is in the air. It smells like Antonioni, the taste reminds of Godard and here and there you can hear Weerasethakul whisper out of the jungle. Someone said Frieda Grafe was here taking notes. Fingers starting to burn cause of the turning of the Lomokino Camera, harsh and soft at the same time, people mounting flashes on the Lomokinos and stumbling around flashing and filming through the crowd. It is an amazingly beautiful analogue mess, with grains, emotions, and real life beauty.

What a night.

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Lomography Gallery Store Berlin
Friedrichstraße 133
10117 Berlin
T: 030 202 151 62

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written by takitani on 2011-11-04 #news #party #film #berlin #launch #lgs #lomokino

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