Leeds International Film Festival: Super8 and 16mm Film Workshops

Whilst most films are now produced digitally this year Leeds International Film Festival is not only showing several experimental analogue films but is offering you the opportunity to take part in several workshops looking at shooting and developing both Super8 and 16mm film.

This November Leeds International Film Festival is offering a series of four workshops as part of their Cherry Kino programme which acts as a forum for wondermental cinema at the festival. All of the workshops are being held at the Cherry Kino Lab at the East Street Arts Centre.

The first two workshops focus on 16mm techniques

Workshop One: Nanolab 16mm Film Workshop: Applying Photographic Chemistry with a Brush.

This workshop is being run by Richard and Diana from Nanolab Australia’s small gauge film specialists. They will be showing people how rather than using a chemical bath to develop the film by using a brush you are able to limit the exposure meaning that you can have both positive and negative areas of film. People will have the opportunity to shoot and develop their own 16mm film and then experiment in a variety of ways.

Workshop Two: Photo-Sonic Composition: A 16mm Workshop with Sally Golding

Giving you the opportunity to work with a photogram technique people will use 16mm analogue sound and image samples to compose their own films which will then be hand processed.

The second two workshops then focus on Super8 film techniques

Workshop Three: Super8 Workshop: Chemical Colours!

This workshop gives you the opportunity to shoot a Super8 film with a partner, you’ll then return to the Lab to learn about DIY techniques that will give you the tools to process films at home.

Workshop Four: Coffee Anyone?

The last workshop shows you how to implement various other camera techniques such as slow motion. Participants will then be shown how to develop the black and white film in coffee.

The Cherry Kino Programme will not only be holding workshops on how to use analogue film but will also be offering a series of free screenings across Leeds. Leeds International Film Festival will be running from the 3rd to the 20th of November at various venues. Information about all of the film screenings and the workshops can be found at www.leedsfilm.com.

If you have videos with similar feel (stop motion animations, Super 8 clips & films, and other videos with analogue vibe), you may share them to the community. Head on to this month’s Requested Posts, take a look at our Guidelines for Submissions, and get Piggy Points while you’re at it!

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