Manila Film Center


The true, the good and the haunted.

During the reign of the Marcoses, Imelda in her quest for the true , the good and beautiful, had The Manila Film center built at the reclaimed area of the famed bay. The building supposedly hides a dark secret. For as legend goes, it was the scene of one of the worst construction disasters in the country. Accounts vary on how many actually died. Supposedly 15 construction workers died when a floor that was being completed collapsed. Some say the number goes as high as 169.

The truth however remains elusive as records and accounts of the tragedy are sketchy at most. The Marcos administration was infamous when it came to it’s grip over the press. Ironically, this lack of disclosure spawned what could be one of the largest urban myths Manila has ever seen. They say the construction was rushed and to complicate it even more, the plans were continuously being altered recklessly.

When the accident occurred, supposedly the remains of the dead were not recovered but instead built over. For more than twenty years, the reputation of the Manila Film Center snowballed towards monstrosity. Transforming it to one of the grandest structures in the to one of the most haunted. Reports of paranormal activity are numerous to the least for a time it was left abandoned and it became a favorite spot for Ghost Hunters and the like. Now the ruins of the Film Center have been transformed into a theater for tourists that feature Transvestites who perform Vegas like production numbers. The sad thing is, in all probability, there are more foreigners who visit the Film Center than there are locals.There’s a Japanese and a seafood restaurant at the side of the complex. They say he food there is pretty good too. Come for the ghosts stay for the sushi.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Stunning !I love N°5 !

  2. grenoouille
    grenoouille ·

    Very interesting review! The Marcos' era must have been a terrible time. And though this must be a urban legend, it keeps alive the ghost of Dictatorship (any dictatorship)... scary and sad...

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