Chapter 15 Lomo Kikuyu: It Is Up To You: A Slice of Nut Loaf and a Pint of Beer, or Someone’s Eyesight!

Having got this far in the book you are now well-informed: You know who Gikuyu and Mumbi are, you feel a sense of kinship with Mrs Schmidt and Mr Lopez, you know what a cataract is, how the operation works, how people in the whole of East Africa are being helped by jeep and plane, what the Kikuyu Eye Unit does, how it helps, and most of all how your contribution is best invested there. Which leads us to the hottest of issues: your money!

In the middle of this giant continent, in Kikuyu, Kenya, Africa, for instance, it is needed most urgently and would be used as well as it possibly could be. And we don’t have to be talking about a fortune, even a tiny contribution, the price of a good meal, a CD, a party, a small present, a taxi ride or the price of a ticket to a show. A mere 30 euros or 35 dollars to you means eyesight for a blind person half way around the world, often the difference between life and death. This money, which we literally forget about in our trouser pockets, purses or on our accounts, which we spend daily on small everyday items and on amusement, can mean the world to somebody in East Africa. It can mean that person’s whole life and the survival of a family. You will be surprised by what can be achieved. These lives lie entirely in your hands, here, now, and always! Who would have thought? Now we’re talking about your money: We would like to encourage you with all our heart to spend it on this and even more copies of this book! Of course we do not expect you to pawn all of your worldly goods, to sell your grandmother or become an eye specialist and travel to Kenya (although we won’t stop you).

You can, in any case, think about it – about your money! What does it mean to you? How easily do you spend ten, twenty or thirty euros or dollars without even noticing? And what could this money do in Kikuyu? You can really make something happen, your money can really make a difference on the southern hemisphere, and very quickly, unbureaucratically and directly.

No matter how much you donate yearly or just once, the influence is dramatic and fantastic. A little already helps a lot and if you let your best friends, favourite relatives, lovers, rivals, neighbours and other partners get in on this idea, then a whole village, the whole vast realm of eye treatment can be rid of this plight, and economically strengthened. And this is exactly what the people in Kenya need in order to escape from the downward spiral of illness and poverty. With your small donation you are also sharing something of the fascination, the discoveries and moments of enlightenment, all the surprises and incredible sights, everything that you experience daily with your eyes, that which enchants you every hour, every minute, every second, leaving you submerged, smolten, frightened or dreaming. With your donation you are sharing the sheer wonder of the seeing world with other people. Which is what we’re encouraging, titillating, emboldening you to do – buy this book now! With the money that you pay for it, somebody´s eyesight will be saved.

You already own this book? Well done. If you want to save more people’s eyesight buy this book again. And again for your friends to enable even more operations. You can even buy 10, 100 or even 1000 copies to give away as gifts – if, for example, you’re the boss of a factory, whether big or small, or the manager of a department store, director of an opera house or a museum, or even the owner of a football team, a pop star or a backgammon champion, or even the president, prime minister or chancellor of your country!

Because this is a donation that we owe to the sheer pleasure our ability to see gives us. And we sincerely hope that in your heart of hearts you feel equally indebted.

Lomo Kikuyu It’s good to see (again). Every Lomographer along with their friends and acquaintances worldwide is being appealed to donate 30 Euros/30 American dollars to save a person’s eyesight. Get the chance to do this by getting your own Lomo Kikuyu Book now.

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