Chapter 13 Lomo Kikuyu: Kikuyu Finances: Where Does the Money Come from and What is Done with it?

The thought that such an eye clinic probably costs a fair whack must surely have flickered through your mind. So how does the Kikuyu Eye Unit support itself?

It might sound incredible, but a major proportion of the resources come from the patients themselves. So it is far from being the case that the Kikuyu Eye Unit is entirely reliant on the support of donations to Light for the World, on the contrary! They are also working very hard to ensure that the clinic will be able to manage in the future without having to depend on donations, so it can be completely economically independent and operate purely ‘capitalistically’, so to speak. They are not only doing this to make the unit independent of foreign aid but to use the money that the clinic still needs now for other organisations and projects in the future. However until this level of self-sufficiency has been achieved, though, the bright African sun will rise and set many, many more times. It is definitely not the case that your money would not be most welcome in Kikuyu!

Do you have a weakness for facts and figures? Then take the statistics at to heart. This is where you will find the annual reports from Light for the World and the Kikuyu Eye Unit. Fascinating, isn’t it? As you see, the patients come up with a large part of the necessary resources – with the remaining expenses coming from donations made by organisations like Light for the World. And since we are already on the subject of expenses: the totals may look impressive as six digit Kenyan Shillings but they are actually extremely low considering the value of the currency (100 Kenyan shillings is worth about 1 euro or 1.25 USD).

These shillings are needed for all sorts of things: a variety of equipment is used, medication (of which much is produced in the clinic) is handed out and prescribed, as are glasses which are also made in Kikuyu. Furthermore, the clinic is regularly enlarged, dressing material must be bought, trainees trained, co-workers paid, volunteer workers’ expenses compensated for and praised and sometimes also commemorated with small gifts and so forth. So you see, the money is used in many different ways but serves only one purpose: which is to help as many people as possible.

And help is given in abundance. Take a closer look at the facts and figures, and look at the totals: with a minimum of money 70,000 people are examined every year, thousands of operations are performed, and more than 20 new specialists are trained. That every cent is looked at twice, every expense planned to the last detail, that the money is used in the most efficient way possible is easy to see, isn’t it? They never turn a blind eye to distress, on the contrary, they are helping large numbers of people to see again!

Lomo Kikuyu It’s good to see (again). Every Lomographer along with their friends and acquaintances worldwide is being appealed to donate 30 Euros/30 American dollars to save a person’s eyesight. Get the chance to do this by getting your own Lomo Kikuyu Book now.

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