Chapter 11 Lomo Kikuyu: Cross-Border Safaris and Safaris by Plane

Not all areas can be reached by jeep. Some areas are so far away or so remote that driving there would take too long, and they can only be reached by plane. In such cases it is not possible to undergo largely planned preliminary examinations and to take the patients who need surgery to Kikuyu a week later as would normally be the case in the Outreach Programme.

For these far-flung destinations a team of ophthalmologists packs their bags and, along with their toothbrushes and shoe-horns, they pack up the equipment necessary for the operations and take it with them. They climb aboard the airplane and then set up camp at their destination for about a week (which is sometimes even abroad, e.g. in Somalia). When they arrive the demand for their services is invariably high. As usual everyone is first of all given a check-up. Then, though, an unbelievable surgical marathon, often involving shifts of over 12 or 14 hours, begins where 100 to 200 people are usually cured of their eye conditions within a few days.

You can see the statistics on the success of the Outreach Programmes and the Flying & Cross-Border Safaris for yourself in the fact leaflet that accompanies this book. Because of the dedication of the doctors, nurses and assistants in even the most remote of all regions, not only are more and more people being helped, but an ever growing proportion of the surrounding population is also being taught how eye disease can be prevented and how existing eye ailments can be healed.

Lomo Kikuyu It’s good to see (again). Every Lomographer along with their friends and acquaintances worldwide is being appealed to donate 30 Euros/30 American dollars to save a person’s eyesight. Get the chance to do this by getting your own Lomo Kikuyu Book now.

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