Chapter 8 Lomo Kikuyu: Vitamin A Deficiency

Many children go blind due to vitamin A deficiency as the result of malnutrition. In many parts of Africa families simply do not have the wherewithal to nourish themselves properly, and they suffer from vitamin deficiency as a result.

Most people live on a staple diet of corn pancakes and wheat but hardly eat any fruit at all. Even though when you arrive there as a tourist you’d think you had landed in the Garden of Eden. The most opulent fruit hangs from the trees, the market stalls buckle under their displays of fruit. But the local population does not get to eat it. To increase the chances of fetching better prices, the fruit is carted directly from the plantations to the markets, where it is sold for relatively little or exported immediately. This is why many children suffer from vitamin A deficiency from birth. The body can handle it for a while, so the deficiency only makes itself dramatically apparent after a few years. A total of 30% of all cases of new blindness in children are caused by malnutrition, 2 million children die of malnutrition every year around the world. Vitamin A deficiency is recognisable by white spots in the iris. It causes cloudy vision and night blindness. In the advanced stages the cornea dries up, finally dissolving completely and leading to irreversible blindness. At this point no surgery in the world can help, but in terms of prevention there is still a great deal that one can do. A single vitamin A tablet every half year can save a child’s eyesight, a complete supply of tablets for ten children costs 10 euros per year.

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