Chapter 1 Lomo Kikuyu: How to save an eyesight with a fistfull of dollars!

How you can save a person’s eyesight – for only a fistful of dollars! In this Lomographic picture book with text we tell the fantastic story of the Kikuyu Eye Clinic in Kenya/Africa, a tale of the curing of hundreds of thousands of seeing disorders – and with their eyesight, the saving of many, many people’s lives. In this book we talk about the existential significance of being able to see, to look – a key Lomographic issue, wouldn’t you say?

The whole Kikuyu story is not just told in wonderful words but accompanied by thousands of Lomographs to convey more than even the most illuminating of words can’t, i.e. what it really means to regain one’s eyesight, especially in Africa/Kenya at Kikuyu!

With the purchase of this magnificent tome for Euro 30.-/USD 35.- you don’t just get a heart-warming tale and the very best of Lomography, you also save somebody’s eyesight. The full purchase price of this book goes directly into the financing of eye surgery in Kenya – nothing is deducted, nothing channelled off. A cataract operation that will enable somebody who is blind to see again costs exactly Euro 30.-/USD 35.- (more details on pages 141). Everybody involved in the production of this book has forfeited their fee, and the entire cost of producing the first edition of 10,000 copies of LomoKikuyu has already been paid for in advance by a loyal Lomographer of long standing from Tyrol in Austria and the Lomographic Society.

And how is all the money sent to Africa, who performs the surgery and how can you be confident that your hard-earned contribution will be used seriously?

We, The Lomographic Society, are working in collaboration with the international aid organisation Light for the World, which is based in Vienna/Austria and finances approx. 60 projects in developing countries all over the world every year – that’s more than 100,000 people´s eyesight saved along with providing other medical services (see Light for the World). You have our assurance that we will be passing on 100% of the retail price of this book to this organisation, which in turn will pass on every single cent to pay for eye surgery in Kenya, for specially selected LomoKikuyu Projects. A precise record of how much money has already been raised with the sale of this book (donor count) and where exactly the money is going (project documentation – dates, details, Lomographs) is to be found at Kikuyu!

How you can support the LomoKikuyu drive:

  • Buy this book. Now. The full purchase price will go to save somebody’s eyesight.
  • If you want to save more people’s eyesight buy this book again. And again as a present for your friends. It’s a gift that will give threefold pleasure: your own, that of the lucky person who gets a copy and, above all, to the blind person who will soon be able to see again.
  • You can even buy 10, 100 or even 1000 copies to give away as gifts – if, for example, you’re the boss of a factory, whether big or small, or the manager of a department store, director of an opera house or a museum, or even the owner of a football team, a pop star or backgammon champion, or even the president, prime minister or chancellor of your country!
  • Show your copy of this book to as many people as possible. Leave it lying around for all to see in the busiest place at home, in your office or your favourite bar, and keep telling people the wonderful story of LomoKikuyu!

Light for the World

Lomo Kikuyu It’s good to see (again). Every Lomographer along with their friends and acquaintances worldwide is being appealed to donate 30 Euros/30 American dollars to save a person’s eyesight. Get the chance to do this by getting your own Lomo Kikuyu Book now.

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