Chapter 2 Lomo Kikuyu: Table of Contents

Read up and learn more about this special Lomography project.

41 Kikuyu – a voyage to see and restore sight

45 Africa, Kenya, The Kikuyu Eye Unit

45 So what are the Kikuyu?

49 The Cataract

53 Trachoma

55 Vitamin A Deficiency

57 The Kikuyu Eye Unit – How an eye clinic works

63 The Community Outreach Programme & Road Safaris

69 Cross-Border Safaris & Safaris by Plane

69 The Further Education Programme

71 Kikuyu Finances: Where does the money come from and what is done with it?

73 The Central Administrative and Financial Headquarters: Light for the World in Vienna

79 It Is Up To You: a slice of nut loaf and a pint of beer, or someone’s eyesight!

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