Lubitel 2 Pinhole Limited Edition


Yes, yes, you have read right. In another blog entry, I have already mentioned that the Lubitel is the camera I’ve been going after for a long time… it’s a pity my pocket is not in the required conditions to supply the lacks of my desires.

It turns out not long ago, the work on my new house was over, and the contractor was quite surprised when I asked him to install a sink in one of the rooms, as well as a second set of lights inside it. Apparently he liked photography a lot too.

A few days after the work was complete, he took me aside and told me he had a gift for me: a photographic camera (obvious, isn’t it). When he took it out of the bag he had it in, I was speechless… It was a Lubitel!!! But… Wait! What’s wrong it it?! This is missing something… As soon as he left the house, I could see what it was that I found so strange: part of the lens was missing.

I was sure the camera would have to be tested but… would it focus? Would it turn out just a blur of light? Before I mindlessly shot a roll, I went by the Argensola store where Makny gave me a perfect idea “And why don´t you turn it into a pinhole?”. Marvelous.

When I got home, I set out to see how I could do it. After a lot of looking around drawers and turn the camera round and round, I got to the conclusion that what would suit it the best would be to use a 35mm film canister lid.

To tell you the truth, I went too far with the pinhole; instead of being the typical pin point, I shoved the whole pin through it..I can be so clumsy. Then I told myself I’d compensate with shorter exposures.

The camera was around the house for months, looking for the right moment to use it. It finally came in Holy Week, in Ribadesella and its outskirts.

As you can see it doesn’t have vignetting, it plainly leaves out of the negative everything that is not the inner lens circle. About exposure times, they range from 10 seconds to one minute in some shots (depending on the light).

Something I miss in this Lubitel, is a universal tripod socket, because the one it has is too wide, this caused the camera to move more than desired in some of these long exposures, but well… who cares?


  • Film format: 120mm (although with a little work it will accept 35mm film)
  • Shutter speeds: 1/200, 1/100, 1/50, 1/25, 1/10 and B mode
  • Aperture: From slightly over f/22 to f/4,5 (although for the pinhole I left the diaphragm as open as I could in all the pictures)
  • Focal distance: As it doesn´t have the second lens, it can´t be changed. From 1 meter to infinity.
  • Format: 6×6 square (12 photos per 120mm roll)
  • Shutter release cable socket
  • Tripod socket (although I don’t know what format…)

And thank you Makny!

written by jodidopanki on 2011-11-10 #gear #diy #pinhole #review #lubitel #vintage #lomo #lomography #user-review
translated by etxenike


  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    That Lubi 2 has a 3/8" European style tripod socket. You should be able to get a bushing to make it 1/4"x20 thats the standard. Look in older camera stores.

  2. alex34
    alex34 ·

    You can get a Lubitel 2 for between £10-25 on fleabay if you keep looking and bid realistically, I'm sure you know that though....

  3. jodidopanki
    jodidopanki ·


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