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Henry Hargreaves is a New York based artist who works with still life. For one of his projects, he decided to create portraits of icons using burnt toast. View the images from his ‘Toasted’ series after the break.

Henry Hargreaves has managed to capture images and icons with toast. This renowned artist and photographer living in Brooklyn, New York used 928 slices of white bread and toasted them individually, thus achieving the required shade for each toast in order to compose the final result. This type of work, very similar to pixel art, presents some of the pop-art icons. Among them we see the famous images of Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrison, The Beatles, and Che Guevara.

images via Henry Hargreaves

I was thinking about the process he followed. At first, I thought he would have grouped all the white toast to form what might be considered the “canvas” of the work. Once the surface is ready, I imagined him using a small kitchen torch (the ones used to flambé) and roasting the surface with the help of an original image (the cover of the album “Let ib Be”).

However, I analyzed the snapshots and noticed that there are many toasts that are exactly alike. This leads me to believe that the image was formed with digital procedures after toasting. The toasts seem like they are a mosaic. I missed that detail at first and I think that there is another possible procedure for this to be done. Can you think of anything? Feel free to share.

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  1. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    Interesting. I agree. It looks digital.

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