Using the Lomokino With a SpeedLight Flash!


Whilst testing and experimenting with the LomoKino, we tried a range of tips and tricks. We tested out all our flashes but none had the recycling power that we needed to shoot our extra speedy film…until we tried a Canon Speedlight!

We here at Lomgraphy Gallery Store East London were lucky enough to get our hands on a tester model of the Lomokino prior to launch! We experimented with all kinds of film, in all kinds of conditions but what we really wanted to do was shoot indoors with a flash.

We tried all our Lomography flashes and found that Fritz the Blitz was the one that recycled the quickest…but not quick enough for our super speedy project….

And so we pulled out the big guns..the Canon Speedlight!

At last! The recycling time we were looking for! We used a light meter in order to correctly expose the film and started shooting!

Check out the LomoKino and the Speedlight in action!

And, check out the fun film that we made using the Speedlight on the Lomokino!

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written by ibiza_hippie on 2011-11-15 #gear #tutorials #tipster #flash #uk #east-london #lomokino #speedlight


  1. jonalon
    jonalon ·

    that's awesome, well done for the discovery can't wait for my canon!

  2. homer
    homer ·

    cool, I can't wait to get using my LomoKino, had been trying to figure out which of my flashes will work best. Thanks

  3. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    I purchased Fritz with my LomoKino. Still waiting on them. I also have a Holgon 120MF multi-flash strobe. It's very powerful and has a very fast recycle time. I'll be trying that too.

  4. johnccc
    johnccc ·

    Love it !

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