4/4 - A Los Angeles Lomography Meet Up

Lomographers of Los Angeles Unite!

Fellow Travelers! Here it is, the next LA Lomo Meet-Up

We’re meeting on Saturday April 4th at 10:00 a.m. at my apartment (shoot me an e-mail and i’ll get you the address and directions). There’s a tram sign on the sidewalk so we’ll probably be congregating there, or just keep an eye out for a bunch of people with cameras in hand. From there we’re going to head over to the closest DASH pick-up (don’t worry it’s just a couple blocks aways) and taking the F Line on into the heart of downtown. It’s just twenty-five cents each way, so make sure to bring quarters. Then it’s an all out Lomo escapade the likes Los Angeles has never seen before. There’s plenty of spots to check out and districts to get lost in. So make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring tons of film. And really we’ll just be exploring until our trigger fingers go numb or film runs out.

And for those who still have energy enough to soldier on, that evening is the opening of USC’s Senior Seminar show “What From White” over in Culver City at the H. Kazan Gallery. Definitely worth checking that out and any other potential openings going on in the neighborhood. We should be able to work out transportation, and who doesn’t enjoy carpooling?
So grab your cameras, load up some film, and get ready to conquer Los Angeles one frame at a time.

written by lucasjakobsson on 2009-03-27 #news #event #downtown #los-angeles #culver-city

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