My Halloween Tradition: Pumpkin Picking

Every Halloween when I was young, my parents would take my sister and I to pick pumpkins, like so many of us did as children. Now that I’m older and in school, my friends and I decided we would go together to continue our families’ traditions of pumpkin picking.

First, my friends and I had to search for awhile, as it was hard to find a farm that lets you pick your own pumpkins that wasn’t very far away. Eventually, we settled for Ganyard Hill Farm, a family owned farm that is often used by local schools as an educational field trip destination. During Halloween season though, they open their doors to the public and allow access to their farm. As part of paying the admission fee, you also get a free pumpkin you can pick yourself from their large field. I was amazed by the varieties of pumpkin they offered, many of which I have never seen. We got 3 classic orange pumpkins and 1 very cool white pumpkin.

Taken with KMZ Horizon 202

The fun thing about this farm was that, not only did they offer pumpkins, but also tractor rides, a corn maze (in which they were filming a low-budget zombie movie), a corn husker, goats, and even some of those face-in-hole frames for cheesy family photos. In fact, Ganyard Hill Farm is the perfect place for a family (there were a lot there) and there were plenty of places set up by the staff for you to take pictures with your family.

Taken with Lomography Pop 9

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