Kodak Star EF: Childhood Dream


Kodak Star EF is the camera of my childhood.

You never forget your first camera. It’s as old as I am, was my sister’s treasure, and now it’s mine. It can still produce outstanding shots though it has been bought for years.

It’s a Kodak camera with electronic flash. It works with any 35mm film and has a glass lens with a fixed aperture of approximately f/16. As you can see there are no aperture or shutter settings and there is no bulb mode. The shutter works at about 1/125s. The viewfinder does a great job, and is properly calibrated. Also, the camera has a switch that covers the lens and secures the shutter so it won’t expose accidentally when the lens is covered. The EF in the name stands for electro-focus, which makes this camera user-friendly for anybody. This camera is an outstanding Point-and-Shoot camera, for use on any type of shots.

It’s a camera that grew up with me, took pictures of me growing up and still performs as new. It’s my first camera. I don’t think Kodak is manufacturing any of it anymore, though it was an inexpensive yet perfect camera for any customers.

This camera provides natural colors, strong contrast, and no mistakes. The flash is a bonus, which can produce great shots even when the light is dim.

A couple of shots taken with this camera:

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  1. jvujnovi
    jvujnovi ·

    I just bought a similar camera at a local thrift store - Kodak Star. I'm testing it out today.

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