Analogue Photography on ELLE Magazine

I found these interesting articles which feature analogue photography with the photographers’ interviews and works. Another magazine I read while on a trip in Taiwan…

Credits: cutebun

ELLE is a famous women’s magazine and this time analogue photography was featured in 6 full coloured pages in the magazine itself!

Credits: cutebun

In the next video, Mika Ninagawa, the photographer, uses a CONTAX camera.

And in this one, Rei Sato uses a Nikon SLR camera.

Looking at all the colourful and wonderful works from various analogue photographers is so exciting! Several female photographers were featured in the magazine and I think this proves women are equally creative in creating beautiful art in photography.

Here’s another video related to this article

Also, this video features Freda Ma’s photographs of her parents

And you may also check out Freda's blog.

There are even doodles on photographs which are really cute and creative! Simple photos and sceneries became more interesting with the composition of the photographers. They also talk about their motivation and inspirations in the magazine spread.

Overall, the article is really amazing!

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