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I am hooked on taking multiple exposure photos! The first time I took part in a doubles project is when I accidentally discovered it on PTT’s Lomo forum. It felt very fun and exciting because 2 complete strangers can complete the images together due to their love for photography.

After I sent out my roll of completed film, I also received one roll of film from an unknown address and details of what was shot. When the exposed film was loaded, it felt simply amazing that one can combine 2 locations magically with every click of the shutter!!

After running through the roll, I sent it to the lab, filled with excitement and anticipation. I still remember that when I was looking at the contact sheet, I can’t help but be amazed by the special photos. Some photos are made even more unique due to some small coincidences! After this exercise, I fell in love with multiple exposure!

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of opportunities for doubles project. But as LC-A+ has an built in MX button, one can do their own MX project. (Having said that, doubles with another Lomographer is always more fun.)

Hey…I love it! Anyone keen to do a doubles project with me? Bring it on! ++++) /

written by morven2022 on 2012-11-06 #gear #tutorials #film #camera #tutorial #mx #multiple-exposure #lab-rat #tipster #multiple
translated by coolsigg


  1. diomaxwelle
    diomaxwelle ·

    I'm interested. :3 I'm most comfortable with 120, and I have a Holga and an antique Agfa Isolette.

  2. tsaramaso
    tsaramaso ·

    Mee too! I have different cameras for multiple exposures, so go ahead!

  3. rhysbm
    rhysbm ·

    Same, great article - would love to do a film swap one day!

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