Interview With Rebeca Lagos and Her Travelling Cameras

“Once upon a time two small cameras decided to go out, see the world, and meet people who enjoy photography… One of these days one of them might pay you a visit, who knows!?”

Traveling cameras is a precious analog project that has set blogger and photography lover Rebeca Lagos well on track. The two main characters of this story are a miniature lc-a y and a miniature fisheye. But who’d be better than Rebeca herself to tell us what this is all about.

Hello Rebeca! First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself.
Well there’s not much to say really. Another frenzy of the cameras, self-taught and in constant learning, always looking for something new to try, something to inspire me, someone to learn from… There’s sooooo much to discover in the photography world!

So, what’s this about? Traveling Cameras?
This is a game-project or… I don’t really know what to call it. There’s two miniature cameras traveling around the world, from house to house, sent by mail together with a letter (yes, the kind you write with pen and paper!). I sent them to the first place, and whoever gets them must make at least one picture of them and send it to me so I can document their journey. They must also write a letter to it’s new receiver and send them in no more than 2 or 3 days, so things move along quickly. You can follow it’s journey here

How’d you come up with this wonderful idea?
It comes from two things basically: my (frustrated) passion for traveling, of which I can’t do as much as I’d like to; and a series of surprise gifts I’ve had this summer via traditional mail, which gave me back the spark for writing letters as I used to back in the day. I thought the miniature cameras would be a good excuse to write someone, another photography frenzy, tell them why we like his work, I don’t know! And it’s beautiful to discover all the different ways in which one single object can be photographed! The same little camera from the point of view of all these photographs with such diverse styles… It’s brilliant!

Who would you like for to receive one of the cameras someday, and why?
There’s so many people and it was so hard for me to choose the first two… For now they’ve been wandering about in ‘known’ houses (contacts from Flickr or blogs, that though not personally, we did know each other from commenting on pictures and things like that). But I know I’ll be meeting new people, in places I can’t even imagine. As a matter of fact, I think one of them is on it’s way to Asia! And another one is actually around South America… Who knows where they might end up?! That’s the fun in all of this.

There’s certainly a lot of people here that would love to receive one of your traveling cameras, but can they make other cameras travel as well and join in on your project?
But of course! A lot of people tell me: “I hope I get one, but how will you get my address?”. Well yes, it’s hard, but the easiest thing to do is start your own chain. Anyone can start their own journey, sending their miniature cameras. If someone is interested, they can contact me (, and I can tell you what’s in the package or figure out whatever doubts you might have in respect to the game. The more cameras traveling the world, the better!

Thank you so much for sharing this great project with us. Certainly the miniature LC-A and Fisheye are making the best of their journey around the world
Thank you guys, it’s been a real pleasure!

Follow the adventures of the LC-A.
Follow the adventures of the Fisheye.

Make more cameras join in on this great adventure and start traveling the world!

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written by susielomovitz on 2011-11-02 #news #lc-a #fisheye #rebeca-lagos #traveling-cameras
translated by reneg88

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