Cheap Scanning With Style

Let’s be serious.You need a digital camera or a scanner to get your film in your computer.

If you don’t want to scan your films at a store and you have a DSLR or a professional film scanner,you may use a digital camera and a computer. Place the film on the computer’s screen with a white background (usually Word) and set the brightness to maximum.Turn off the lights and take a picture.
I own an old scanner (HP scanjet 2400) for documents and tried once to scan a film with it.

Step by Step:

You need a regular scanner, a computer (of course) ,some exposed films.I find it best to scan either slide or negative films (which results black and white pictures),but if you have time you can scan negatives, invert and work it with pro software.

Make sure your scanner is set to maximum dpi, and it’s clean, make sure your film stays straight in your scanner (best to use Digitaliza from the Lomography shop) or you may have to tape it or , as I do , place two wires at the beginning and at the end of the film’s sprockets.You may use any method you want ,but keeping the film straight is necessary. Keep in mind your scanner is set to save the scans as pictures, not documents (PDF). Once, I asked my sister to scan some films for me and I got 2 PDF files.

Also remember to align the film with the scanner’s borders and to place it with the numbers on the sprockets facing DOWN. I asked my sister to scan me some films at her workplace and the images were backwards with the numbers facing up. Once the film is aligned and straightened close the scanner and press the button.

Crop the image as you want it to be , invert and edit it until you get the results you want. Posting the resulting awesome pictures on Lomography is a must!

I do not own a powerful scanner so, when I inverted the negative pics, I found best to make them black and white.

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