Don't Think Just Shoot: Fischers Fritze La Sardina Camera


My personal thought on La Sardina Camera after using it for few months.

Credits: spectre

Few months ago, I was tempted to get Fischers Fritze La Sardina Camera which include Fritz the Blitz Flash by using my soon to be expired piggies point as discount. But I hesitated and I delay my purchase till very last hour. End result, I managed get a cable release, small flex tripod and one box of Lomography CN 400 ASA 35mm film to complement my purchase.

Credits: spectre

At first glance, Fischers Fritze is almost similar to real life sardine can, portable enough to be carried anywhere and comes with easy to use feature like Wide Angle Lens, Rewind Dial with 2 easy to focus features. The bulb, neutral and MX setting switch is conveniently alongside with auto film timer counting on the top. It also comes with Shutter Locks which allow the lens to collapsed when not in used thus avoid shooting blank picture plus act as additional security feature for Fritz the Blitz. The flash will only work when u properly twist it around and certain loud clicking sound . This took me a while to find out and I almost thought the camera or flash is faulty.

Credits: spectre

Inserting the 35mm film to the Fischers Fritze was a breeze indeed thanks to handy tutorial at YouTube by Lomographic Society. Plus, it comes with handy colorful guide book containing lots of useful tips. It is indeed an inexpensive Lomography camera, user friendly with funky design which suits beginners like me that are still new to Lomography and with one in hand, I’m sure to create lots of awesome pictures with ease!

Credits: spectre

Soon I was swarmed by folks who are eager to learn bout Fischers Fritze La Sardina Camera when I’m using it during a Lomo outing, event or visit of a new location. Cute. What is that? Can I borrow your camera? It’s like carrying a star everywhere. I only hope Lomography will create more accessories like submarine case, camera case, lens, camera straps, and many more. Guess I’ll be using the Fischer’s Fritze La Sardina Camera for long time!

Fischers Fritze is the oceanic-hued member of the La Sardina family. Equipped with amazing wide-angle lens and a rewind dial that makes multiple exposures a breeze, this marine marvel will surely capture the most remarkable memories. Comes with Fritz the Blitz, Lomography’s most powerful flash ever. Sail the high seas with Fischers Fritze, available in our Shop.

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