Cemeteries: Manila American Cemetery and Memorial with the Shutter Revolution


Last May 1, our film photography group “Shutter Revolution” decided to go on an adventure in one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the metro, Manila American Cemetery and Memorial.

As we entered the cemetery, we were given strict orders not to step on the grass but taking pictures is permitted provided that it is only for personal use. In here you will see more than 17 thousand headstones of both American and Filipino soldiers who fought in World War II. In the middle, there is a chapel inside a tall stone structure.

After looking for a place to sit, one of the members of Shutter Revolution, “icuresick” taught us how to mark our films in preparation for the much-awaited Singapore-Philippines film swap. After the mini lesson, we decided to walk around the cemetery. It was a hot summer morning and eventually we were tired and we stayed under a tree.

The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial is not your typical cemetery, but a place to remember all our departed brothers and sisters who fought for us in the war.

Did I say we were given strict orders not to step on the grass? Well after some time as we were walking back to the car, the water sprinklers went off so we had no choice but to step on the grass.

Manila American Cemetery and Memorial
Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila Philippines
Open daily 9am-5pm

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