A Quick Report For Oktoberfest in Hong Kong

October was just a normal month to me, until I experienced something called “Oktoberfest” during my study in Germany last year. It made October a very special month to look forward to.

I feel so lucky that I can still enjoy Oktoberfest’s atmosphere in my home town, Hong Kong, and I would like to share my experience in this amusing, enchanting festival to all of you!

It’s all about eating, drinking, singing and dancing!

Talking about German food and drinks, most of you would know dark beer, wurst (sausages) and haxe (pork knuckle). No matter where you celebrate Oktobefest, it represents the best chance to enjoy a savor of all these yummy special food and drinks.

The most wonderful part was a band performance by a group of charming German musicians. They played folk and pop songs; they not just performed, but they tried to involve all of the participants. Under the powerful and appealing songs, every one there was soon plunged into dancing. If you have been to any of the Oktoberfest events, you should understand what I mean. If not, you must not miss it next year!

I believe that the charm of Oktoberfest, no matter where it is held, greatly attributes to German’s optimistic and friendly personalities. I appreciate the way German people place great importance on bringing happiness to others. You can definitely feel it once you have an Oktoberfest experience; it makes the month totally special!

What’s more, this is my first roll of ==Lomography X Tungsten film==". The outcome is so satisfactory! The images were captured clearly even under dark environments. What I love most is the blue-tone effect.

Wish to see you in the Oktoberfest next year!

written by venuslam on 2011-11-03 #news #food #drinks #events #tungsten #germany #hongkong #oktoberfest

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