Halina Paulette Junior


Small, light, bright and unknown.

It was a time when every Sunday morning, I used to go to one of the famous markets in Palermo, Ballarò, hoping to find some interesting cameras. Here’s what happened on the first day.

On one of the many stalls, among bed sheets, cardboard pieces and small tables on the ground, I saw a pile of compact cameras… and there I saw it: Halina.

The seller asked 5 Euros for it, I made a deal for 4, and he asked me “Does 1 Euro make a difference?” I said, “It definitely does.” It did indeed, as two stalls further I bought a perfectly working clone of the ActionSampler for 1 Euro!

Fuji Sensia 100

As I got home, I looked for some info on the Halina on the web, but couldn’t find any. The only info I got on it are the following.:

Name: Halina Palette Junior
Made in: Macau
Lens: 45mm Halinar
Shutter: fixed, unknown
Aperture: sunny, cloudy, flash (I don’t know what the corresponding aperture to these is)
Flash attachment: hot shoe
Film type: 35mm
Focus: most likely 1m—>infinite
Multiple exposures are not allowed
If you put it on flash mode, it will fire in all settings (sunny, cloudy, flash).

It’s so easy to use, light, small, and seems to have a very bright lens.

Film: Redscale XR Lomography
Kodak Color Plus ISO 200. As you can see it was raining and the sky was very cloudy, I didn’t expect anything to come out of these shots.
I used the Diana Flash with color gels and in the last lens I used the Diana Close-Up Lens.

Here are some photos taken using Kodak Tmax 400 and Redscale XR:

Credits: -dakota-

I got interesting results rewinding a Redscale XR roll:

Credits: -dakota-

Though I could not set the ISO I got different shades: orange, yellow, green, red, and even some blue.

Halina did a good job with a Velvia 50 roll, after the sunset too, better than the Diana which on the same film gave me some dark shots even in bright sunlight (see here)

Photos taken using Velvia ISO 50:

Credits: -dakota-

I think this is a very useful camera, very compact and very easy to use, and I’ll recommend it to anyone who’s new to the analogue world with no photography training, or to those who desire a small and simple snapper.

If you have any information on this camera or if you own one, please contact me, I’d love to get to know more about it!

written by -dakota- on 2011-11-09 #gear #35mm #review #35mm-camera #lomography #halina-paulette-junior #film-camera #user-review #thrift-shop-find
translated by sidsel


  1. alex34
    alex34 ·

    Some really imaginative shots. Nice buy!

  2. sprofishgel
    sprofishgel ·

    Cool article. I´ve got an Halina. I´ve taken some shots but still didn´t published it. It has got an Halinar Anastigmat lens. As you I couldn´t found any great informations in the web.

  3. -dakota-
    -dakota- ·

    But i know that halina is a star! She appears in this video
    at 0:52 :)

  4. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·

    Such a discreet little beauty, she sure can do a lot!

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