UK CitySlicker Marianne: Say Hello to Nottingham!


Lomography UK decided to pick ten student Lomographers to become ambassadors for their cities. Meet Marianne from Nottingham after the jump!

Name: Marianne
Age: 24
University: Nottingham Trent University
City, Country: Nottingham, United Kingdom

Hi, my name is Marianne (aka savethemarianne) and Lomography picked me to cover all things Nottingham! By day I am a student taking up Doctoral Degree in Philosophy, Major in Psychology (can I read your mind? The answer is always yes), but by day and night I am a full time Lomographer! I currently have seven analogue cameras, all of which are always loaded and ready to snap Nottingham!

OK ok, we do like Robin Hood a lot!

Nottingham is a hugely underestimated city. People tend to assume that if they visit Nottingham it will look like Disney’s Robin Hood, but in reality there’s so much more than a talking cartoon fox!

A vintage shop called Kitsch!

Thanks to the presence of two fashionable universities very close to the city centre, Nottingham has a collection of vintage shops to rival London, but with everything at a cheaper price! Also, we have a buzzing music scene headed by Rock City, the 30 year old independent live music venue that was first opened by The Undertones. For more underground acts, there’s also The Maze, which hosts up and coming artists, comedians and DJs.

Seeing the Black Keys at Rock City

For those more interested in history we not only have our own castle that hosts the annual beer festival, but a city of caves! The caves run under most of the city centre, meaning that a lot of pubs and houses have cave cellars built into their buildings. That’s right, you can live in a house and have your own cave!

Me getting ready to space hop in a cave!

If you don’t want to go on the touristy route, the best way to see the caves is in the oldest inn in England, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. Here you can enjoy great quality food and unique ales in rustic surroundings.

On the arts scene, we have Broadway cinema that hosts a mixture of indie films, Cannes winners and old classics. Paul Smith, who hails from Nottingham, designed one of its screening rooms complete with his signature stripes on all the cinema seats! This earned Broadway the recognition of being one of the world’s most “unique cinematic experiences” from Total Film. Up until this year Nottingham was also host to the world’s smallest cinema (it’s in the Guiness book of records), The Screenroom, which had one screen and only 21 seats. Since their closing, the uproar from fans wishing to reopen it may mean that a new record breaking cinema could be on its way! Ten seats anyone?

So as you can see, Nottingham is a wonderful city with more to offer than Sherwood Forest. There is even more I have not covered like the Christmas market, the beer festival, the Crocus cafe and gallery, the goose fair…I guess that’s for another time!

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  1. easilydistracted
    easilydistracted ·

    Great introduction, my Mum is from Nottingham and my Boyfriend went to University there, so I love it, especially Ye Olde Trip. I'm looking forward to seeing how you capture it :)

  2. sonicandknuckles
    sonicandknuckles ·

    NIce article! I live in Iowa and I have friends that are going to be transfer students there next year!

  3. aspie
    aspie ·

    I was at uni in Notts, and love your photos. Wish I'd spent more time snapping there. Outside the playhouse theatre there's a massive concave mirror, which would have been great to shoot day&night.

  4. savethemarianne
    savethemarianne ·

    Thanks for the comments! I agree, the concave mirror is awesome for reflected sky shots at dusk! There's quite a few hidden gems in Notts...

  5. shuttersentinel17
    shuttersentinel17 ·

    Hi Marianne! Im studying at Trent too! XD
    Great article!

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