Work for Lomography in Brazil


Do you live in Rio de Janeiro? Then join the Lomography team!

This job is offered in Rio de Janeiro.

The Lomographic Society International develops, designs and distributes analogue cameras and lifestyle products under the brand „lomography“. This includes innovative analogue cameras and accessories, films and books, as well as bags and fashion. We are an international company with our headquarters located in Vienna and various subsidiaries all around the world. Our website is one of the biggest worldwide online photo communities for creative photography. We organize photo-contests and other community activities as well as international exhibitions. Lomography offers its products in its webshops and special Lomography gallery shops in Asia, the USA, South America and Europe. We also supply design-, museum-, gallery-, gadget-, & concept stores with our unique products.

Lomography is looking for an employee to reinforce the back-office operations of its newly opened Brazilian branch. Applicants will assist the regional management in logistics, stock keeping and financial tasks and relieve it from parts of the back-office workload in close cooperation with the Vienna, Austria based headquarters.

Description of tasks (non-exhaustive enumeration):

General Tasks:

  • Responding to customers’ inquiries
  • Handling warranty issues
  • Customer care for online sales, exchanging


  • Controlling of quantity and quality of merchandise upon arrival with invoices and delivery note
  • Handling importation of merchandise together with the customs broker
  • Forecasting demand for the next half year to Vienna based headquarters every month
  • Controlling stock level at the warehouse every month
  • Keeping inventory accounting on an up-to-date level, thereby administrating all ins and outs
  • Communicating with headquarters’ logistics department
  • Organizing outbound logistics, checking if they match customers orders, and ensuring correct invoices
  • Preparation of freight documents and customs declarations for outbound freight
  • Tracking online shipments
  • Managing exchange of broken items
  • Trouble shooting


  • Filling out cash flow forecasts and reports for headquarters
  • Preparing sales reports (by item, by region and by customer) for local management (on demand) and headquarters (at lest once per month)
  • Preparing bills for the CPA and communicating with the CPA
  • Making a daily cash-check for the previous day (controlling the sales clerk/shop manager)
  • Preparing wholesale and online invoices
  • Collecting Accounts Payable from wholesale customers, managing the dunning process
  • Keeping Accounts Payable on a daily basis
  • Booking simple transactions



  • Diligent, teamwork- and solution-oriented character
  • Used to work autonomously and act pro actively
  • Ability to view processes from an overall as well as from a local perspective
  • Ability to analyze complex interrelations precisely and quickly, willing to go into detail when needed and fact-based patterns of argumentation
  • Ability to acquire new skills in a complex and dynamic international working environment and to apply them quickly to local contexts

Ideally, applicants for the vacant position exhibit following skills:

  • Sound knowledge of MS Excel and general knowledge of Windows and other office programmes
  • Fluent in written and spoken Portuguese
  • At least on intermediate level in written and spoken English
  • Some education in business administration, industrial engineering, mathematics or other natural sciences is an advantage
  • At least basic knowledge of analogue photography and cameras

One or more years of experience in one of the following fields are an advantage (although not required):

  • Logistics, inventory and/or customs handling
  • Back office management of a trading commerce
  • Accounting or other financial positions
  • Photography

Employment: Full-time
Location: Lomography Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Job start date: Immediate
Applications please send to: Lomography Headquarter, HR department
Lisa Skribsky
Tel: +43189944425

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  1. oldskool_rider
    oldskool_rider ·

    this sounds like a good opportunity for someone

  2. stouf
    stouf ·


  3. dogma
    dogma ·

    Yup :) I could work for Lomography in Lithuania :D:D

  4. mandi
    mandi ·

    hm... brazil.... the climate is better, the people seem nice...
    "basic knowledge of analogue photography and cameras" could be enough... but portuguese.?? :(

  5. spendospend
    spendospend ·

    whooooa.............. i wish

  6. babo
    babo ·

    Hmmm... Only problem here (besides the fact that I am a nurse and never worked in an office) is the fact that I dont live in Brasil :-P

    @ Mandi: portuguese is pretty easy to learn, piece of cake actually, or should I say "canja de galinha" (it actually translates as chicken soup, but its the portuguese equivalent of piece of cake... not that portuguese people or brasilian people call chicken soup to pieces of cake, not even to egg puding, but I guess you got the idea :-D )

  7. zulupt
    zulupt ·

    I´m tempted to buy a ticket to Brasil :D I´m a CAD designer but i´m tempted to leave it all behind :jokin:
    Good luck to all Brazilians!

  8. magicbus
    magicbus ·

    why rio?
    i'm here in sao paulo!

  9. reinertlee
    reinertlee ·

    Can i fly over there from Malaysia?

  10. lyocell
    lyocell ·

    I think it would also be time to push things forward in Switzerland :o)

  11. daniwahlers
    daniwahlers ·

    Does it mean we'll be able to find lomo products in shops around here?? horaay!!
    Would love to work with you guys but I'm also in são paulo, besides I was never good in these kinds jobs, but if you have a place for a photographer, I'm in ;D

  12. vstephanie
    vstephanie ·

    ok im packing my bags and flying to brazil tomorrow

  13. damiao_santana
    damiao_santana ·

    Eu falo e escrevo português fluentemente, I live in Brazil... agora só falta morar no Rio de Janeiro.

    Wow, good news! Lomo with ziriguidum!

  14. anapaulah
    anapaulah ·

    if you wonder in opening a lomo shop in SAO PAULO, drop me a line =)

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