Now, This Is Gothic


A stunning collection of photographs that records the intricacies of 1980s goth and post punk culture. Let’s go back in time, once again, through the lens.

An integral component of photography is its ability to record moments in history. It’s the enchanting power of the camera, enthralling us ever since photography’s conception, that drives many of us onwards in our individual quests as photographers. Most of us feel drawn to this idea of capturing moments forever, creating our own personal museums of images and emotions attached to them.

After historical images are captured, comes the question of how they will be displayed, if they shall be displayed at all. Historical photographs connect the personal with the widespread social aspects of the time or place inevitably intertwined with peoples’ intricate senses.

And with evolving technologies come new ways of displaying artifacts to the world.

I found a wonderful blog that showcases some fascinating historical images. It concentrates on gothic subcultures around the world in the 1980s, when “goth” was at it’s peak, at it’s most raw and earnest. The photos come from many different countries, and many different people, but it’s interesting to see the fluid connection of human consciousness shared between all of them.

It’s a wonderful way of cataloging a culture that has long since expanded into a vague dribble of a messy collage of what it once was. In a saturated digital world, it can be difficult to find what you really want, but when you do find it, it’s glorious. May my most sincere thank yous find their way to the internet librarians of the world.

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  1. weleasewoger72
    weleasewoger72 ·

    This reminds me of the late 80's when my older brother was a GOTH. He got me into The Sisters Of Mercy and Fields Of The Nephilim big time. I remember him taking me to see the Fields in Plymouth and getting covered in flour! I was also the one of the youngest at the infamous Royal Albert Hall Sisters show. I think I was 11 at the time. He tried to get me into All About Eve as well but I wasn't having any of it! Thanks for this article. I will forward it to him.

  2. ashdinosaur
    ashdinosaur ·

    I'm off to see Sisters of Mercy on the 12th ;)

  3. weleasewoger72
    weleasewoger72 ·

    Cool. Not into them now though. I'll stick to First and last and always. (Didn't know they were still going!)

  4. weedos
    weedos ·

    Awesome! Makes me want to dig through some of my old neg's.

  5. marcustegtmeier
    marcustegtmeier ·

    i dig these shots.

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