Cemeteries: La Recoleta, Buenos Aires

In the middle of the city of Buenos Aires, in the neighbourhood of Recoleta, there is a cemetery nearly 200 years old. Its little streets are packed up with old vaults, all of them designed like they were works of art. The most celebrated Argentinean personalities now rest in peace inside these walls. Come take a look!

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I have to confess, I’ve been living in Buenos Aires for nearly 6 years now, very close to the cemetery, and yet I had never paid it a visit. I’m glad I did though, cause it’s an incredible place.

Credits: mariaratfingers

The cemetery was officially opened in 1822, but was sort of falling apart, so it was rebuilt and redecorated in 1880. It takes up four blocks and is surrounded by a tall brick wall, outside of which the tops of the vaults with their statues and domes can be seen.

Most vaults, if not all of them, have sculptures and other design details decorating the façade, and although I don’t know much about architecture or design, I was able to appreciate how beautiful they are.

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Some Argentinean personalities are now having their eternal rest here: Adolfo Bioy Casares, Oliverio Girondo, Victoria Ocampo, José Hernández, and the most famous of them all: Eva Perón.

A very curious thing is the amount of cats that seem to have adopted the place as their home. Although there was a lot to see, I couldn’t help taking a few photos of the cats.

Credits: mariaratfingers

Another curious thing: this faucet coming out of a thing shaped like a gravestone! Good to know the people in charge of the cemetery have a good sense of humor!

Credits: mariaratfingers

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