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Find out how to make long exposures, create stars and what else you can do with a viewfinder.

A New Edition of Tips

Ladies and gentlemen, grab your tools and your favorite cameras – it’s time to modify! In this second edition of Tipster, the brand new DIY corner at – we are proud to present to you three fresh modifications to get you busy! There’s one for nocturnal Actionsampler addicts, one for Do-It-Yourself diehards, and one for Fisheye fans! ! Plus, indulging your penchant for pinhole could earn you with a roll of free Propack film!

The Nighttime Actionsampler

Have you ever wanted to use the Actionsampler at night – not only for close up portraits but mysterious night scenes and panoramas of the city skyline? Eyecon might just have found the solution for you!

How to do it:

  • Put the Actionsampler in front of you and open it. You will see 3 screws right in front of you (2 on the left, 1 on the right) – there is one more hiding inside of the film coil. Unscrew all Of them and keep the screws in a safe place where you can´t lose them.
  • Lift up the black inner part from the outer shell (don´t forget to remove the film coil). This can be a bit tricky – be patient – after a while you have two separated parts in front of you. Be careful – don´t lose the lenses!

Due to a difference in design – you will only be able to do this modification if your Actionsampler has 3 strips in the bottom left corner (see picture)

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Re-use your Fisheye Viewfinder

Not quite ready to massacre your Fisheye camera like Larslau Your Fisheye 2 camera has a removable viewfinder that yields a 170 degree view. It is not a lens, a cynic may say, but Kylethefrench nevertheless found a way to give his other cameras a Fisheye perspective through this little gadget.

“It’s very easy to go Fisheye. Simply take your Fisheye 2 viewfinder and tape it over the lens of the other camera. Be careful not to tape it completely though as then light won’t come in!”

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Fun with Aperture Shapes

Fancy some stars in your images? This custom-made aperture trick from Dogma will surely excite you!

You need: piece of black paper, pencil, duct tape, sharp blade, scissors, camera with lens which aperture you could set on f2 or at least f2.8 and finally some of your creativity!

  • First thing you need to do is to measure your camera lens diameter and draw that size circle on piece of black paper.
  • The second step is where we have a little fun. Think about a shape in which you would like to turn all light sources in your pictures! Draw that shape in the center of the circle.

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Free Roll of Film with Every Pinhole Camera

Just like the Tipster, pinhole photography is a way to acknowledge the basics of photography. Along with every purchase of a pinhole camera that you see below, we’ll be tucking in a free roll of Propack 35mm film!

1. P-Sharan SQ-35 Pinhole
The pinhole camera that uses 35mm film but frames each shot square!

2. P-Sharan STD Pinhole
Get crafty with this Japanese Do-It-Yourself pinhole camera.

3. Paper Pinhole
Build your own pinhole camera with a bottle of glue, ruler, and a pencil!

4. Pinhole Art DIY 135
Get wide-angled dreaminess with this 35mm pinhole box.

5. Pinhole Art DIY Combo
Pick up this cardboard pinhole shootbox for square format pinholes!

6. Pinhole Blender Cameras
Available in 4 formats, they can produce multiple exposed pinholes & panoramas!.

7. Zero Image Deluxe
Classy-looking and beautiful – this wooden box takes medium format pinhole images.

8. Zero Pinhole 35
Take convenient 35mm pinhole pictures with this classic!

Piggies for Tips

Don’t hold back! If you have taken out your screwdriver, duct tape and scissors – give us a shout! Submit a complete tip with a sample gallery and we’ll transfer 20 Piggies to your account. Have a crazy idea but not the means to try it out? Let us know and we will give you 5 Piggies for your input.

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