A Special Graveyard in a Special City

When I told people that we were going to go to Rome and I asked them about things to see, what I didn’t expect is that they’d recommend that we go and see a graveyard. I don’t usually go to visit graveyards, but they told me so many good things about it, so we really wanted to see it.

Credits: larahacefotos

Why is this cemetery special? The main and most important fact is that it is a protestant graveyard. Its name is “Cimitero acattolico”. It has a pyramid called Cayo Cestio’s Pyramide, dating from 30 years before Christ. The graveyard is surrounded by a wall. It’s located on a slope on the outskirts of Rome. There are even guided tours of the cemetery that tell you the story. Something that you can’t get in other cemeteries.

Credits: larahacefotos

The day looked to be curious, different. It was our last day in Rome, and the morning was rainy, grey…melancholic. “What a better day to go to a graveyard?” Precisely, because it was perfect. The day gives the place a grim touch. You only had to go in to feel something special, something mystic. The graveyard was full of tombs, crosses, but they weren’t normal, they had something different, different to the shapes that we are accustomed to.

To see a pyramid inside a graveyard, it’s really spectacular. The tombs are between plants and trees, it makes you feel like you’re in a special place, and the rain made a really spectacular background.

I recommend this place to everybody who visits Rome, and feel its charm.

Credits: larahacefotos

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written by javihacefotos on 2011-11-04 #places #graveyard #location
translated by carlosbull

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