Not-So Sunshine-y Beachcombing


Zandvoort is a beautiful place at the coast of the Netherlands. It’s only about 20 minutes away from Amsterdam. I remember the visits we made here when I was still a kid, back when Zandvoort was the beach for people who had little less to spend. Currently Zandvoort is more of a hip place where everyone can be found though.

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At the beginning of May, we started planning the team building activity for work. The date would be at the beginning of September and we assumed it would be great weather. But just to be safe, we wanted to have a location where we could also be inside and be sheltered against rain. You never know in the Netherlands…

One of my co-workers knew a great beach house there with an Australian atmosphere; Skyline 13. A tropical place on the beach, cocktails within reach, and a great place to lounge, with some options for inside activities. And that was spot on! The first Tuesday of September, we were inside hiding from the rain at Skyline 13.

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What amazed us mostly is the amount of detail that went into the place. This beach bar is one of the types that gets rebuilt every spring and taken apart every autumn. Despite it only being there for 5 – 6 months a year, the amount of nautical stuff and Australian details where amazing!

Of course, I had to snap some pictures with my Diana Mini and Diana F+ CMYK.

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Outside it was very atmospheric as well. Despite the rain, gusts of wind and cold, it was colorful. There was an old petrol station standing outside with a surfboard next to it and the colors of it were so vibrant I had to shoot a lot of pictures of it.

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There was also an old piano that probably has eaten kilos of sand and liters of water in the past years but it still worked a little bit. With a lot of effort, I got it to play ‘chopsticks’.

Credits: pretletterp

There are more beach bars in Zandvoort and in the end, it doesn’t really matter where you’re sitting. But it is something magical to be on a beach when it isn’t sunny. Sitting inside, hearing the rain, and warming yourself with the fireplace is just as great.

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