Creepiest Ghost Photos Ever: The Amityville Ghost


A few weeks ago, we promised another scary story on the reported hauntings in the Ocean Avenue house immortalized in the Amityville films. So, allow us to show a very creepy snapshot taken inside the house and the story behind it!

On November 13, 1974, six members of the DeFeo family suffered a brutal fate in the hands of the family’s eldest son, Ronald “Butch” DeFeo, Jr. The parents, Ronald Sr. (43), Louise (42), and their four children, Allison (13), Marc (12), and John Matthew (9) were shot dead inside their Dutch Colonial house in 112 Ocean Avenue.

A little over a year later, a new family, the Lutzes, moved into the 112 Ocean Avenue house. It was a dream home for George and Kathy Lutz and their children, but they were forced to leave the house 28 days later due to a series of terrifying paranormal events. Their story was detailed and immortalized first in a book by Jay Anson, then in movie adaptations beginning in 1979.

But, many remain skeptical about the veracity of the Lutzes’ scary story right from the start. Is the house really haunted and reeking with paranormal activity? To seek the truth out, a group of paranormal experts led by Ed and Lorraine Warren conducted an investigation inside the house in 1976.

Gene Campbell, a professional photographer brought in by the Warrens during the investigation, performed time-lapse photography right outside the former room of brothers Marc and John Matthew DeFeo. At first, they had rolls without anything out of the ordinary, until this appeared:

Photo via Ghastly Ghost Gallery

Many believe it to be the ghost of John Matthew peering outside their bedroom. The Warrens maintained that there were no children present during the investigation. Even so, they also admitted that the snapshot has not yet been scientifically authenticated at the time.

Here’s a clip on the time-lapse photography by Campbell and other creepy stories during the investigation:

Could it really be the ghost of the youngest DeFeo that was captured on film? Tell us what you think with a comment below!

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