Off Broadway

The brightest lights in the biggest city – I took a recent trip to New York and stayed right off Broadway because I wanted to be near where the action is – the theatres, Times Square, Radio City Music Hall. I had my Diana F+ and LCA at the ready to take in every New York minute.

I came across a wealth of characters that could only be in the Big Apple, from souvenir seeking tourists, to a street performer, to a sad-eyed horse putting in a day’s work surrounded with the never-ending whiz and buzz of taxi cabs, and those crowded city sidewalks.

On my first night visiting New York, I made a beeline for the lights of Times Square and wanted to capture the wild stimulus of taxi cabs swirling all around, crowds everywhere and the flashing lights that danced before me. There were so many people on the sidewalk that it was hard to stand still long enough to get the shot!

I spent the next couple of days walking around and came across this street performer dressed as the Statue of Liberty and waving an American flag at passersby. It was a warm afternoon and I thought she must be really dedicated to stand there all day in that outfit. I gave her a dollar and asked if I could take her picture. She struck an all-American pose for me. Thank you Lady Liberty!

I wandered through the iconic buildings of Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center and made my way over to Central Park. That’s where I came across the horse carriages lining up to take the tourists for a ride, if they could only lure them away from the souvenir stands where out-of-towners were snatching up “I Heart NY” t-shirts. I fell in love with this one horse who had sad eyes and a pink feather party hat with matching interior in her coach. I petted her a little bit and she gave me the sweetest look for my Diana F+. I just wanted to take her away from the insanity of the city. But that’s New York, a never ending juxtaposition of beauty and madness – a non-stop photo opp!

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