Ocean City, MA: A Good Place to Jump Out of a Plane

Last summer, my boyfriend (artvandelay) and I went on a week-long east coast adventure to celebrate the birthday of one of my closest friends, Violeta. We kicked off the week on the actual day of Violeta’s birthday by doing exactly what she wanted: skydiving.

Violeta lives near Baltimore, Maryland, and her big birthday plans led us to Ocean City, a place I hadn’t foreseen visiting during the course of this trip. But out of all the state-hopping we did that week, it was our time in Ocean City – both in the air and on the beach – that I probably enjoyed the most.

I didn’t need to check Wikipedia to find out that OC can see upwards of 340,000 vacationers during an average summer weekend, I saw it for myself: the beach, like what I would picture in SoCal or Miami, was packed! Beautiful white sand was hidden by hot pink blankets, colorful beach umbrellas, and some of the tannest people I’ve seen in my whole life. After our 12,000 foot high adventure, we spent the rest of the day floating along on our leftover adrenaline rushes. There was nothing more sublime than playing in the Atlantic Ocean, lounging on the beautiful stretches of sand while people played Frisbee and volleyball, and walking through the surreal, colorful streets of this hardcore beach city after doing something as unbelievable as jumping out of a plane.

At about $229 a person, my tandem jump was safe, memorable, and well worth the cost. If you haven’t experienced the thrill of true free-fall, you simply don’t know what you’re missing. This was my second time jumping, and my guess is that it only gets better. After free-falling for my first time over the myriad of greens and earth tones here in Oregon, I was in awe at the beauty of jumping over the beaches in Ocean City, with the Atlantic Ocean as part of my view. Check out Skydive OC for more details and to make your reservation. ;)

If you love the beach and can deal with or even thrive in large crowds, I’d definitely recommend a spring break or summer trip to OC. I myself tend to prefer less crowded scenes. But there was something so surreal and amazing about the enormous amount of people there, walking around in bathing suits and plastic sunglasses, living out the ultimate beach life; I felt like I was able to kind of disappear into the crowd and just focus on the sun, relaxation, and bonding time with some very good company. The exciting, glamorous beach life that seems to exist in OC was a thrill to be a part of for a day, and I am definitely happy that I got to experience running through the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

And of course, the day would not have been complete without Violeta and her hubby, Sam, breaking out some Spinner 360 action!

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