LomoLocation Callout: Monuments!

Calling all Lomographers! We’re looking for Monuments!

Photo By: jeng

Monuments are structures that have been created to commemorate a person, an important event, or an significant location. Monuments are scattered across the world to pay homage. These erected monuments are jaw dropping. Some are the size of mountains. Some are the size of a massive arc! Show us these monuments! Make us say “WOW! That’s gorgeous!”

LomoLocation Callout for THREE MONUMENTS:

  • Four Corners Monument
  • Washington Monument
  • Mt. Rushmore

Any Lomographer who submits any of these three location callouts gets 5 Piggies!

Good luck!

written by mmoya on 2011-10-27 #places #lomolocation #monuments #location #lomography #united-states #callout

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