Help Stop the Famine in East Africa!

Find out how you, your family, and friends can help efforts currently underway to better the lives of those in Somalia and bordering countries and to eventually put an end to the ongoing food crisis in East Africa.

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East Africa in Crisis
The toxic combination of years of conflict and prolonged drought in any region, let alone one that is poor and relies primarily on agriculture to survive, is the reason the status “in crisis” is given to the East African countries of Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Dijibouti.

A countless number of civilians are displaced from their homes every day. Along with their lack of shelter comes a lack of safety and food. According to a report issued by UNICEF this month, a staggering 13.3 million people are severely affected in these countries.

Though it’s currently “one bad thing after another”, as the situation in certain areas such as along the Kenyan border is worsening, international aid efforts including the International Committee of the Red Cross are in the region to help the malnourished and drought stricken country survive and get back on their feet.

Status of international aid efforts
Though times of drought aren’t new to the region the extreme conditions surrounding this lack of rainfall requires aid efforts to step in with their resources so that the local population isn’t left fending for themselves with “traditional coping mechanisms” that don’t address the safety of water being consumed.

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The need for water, specifically “clean water”, is one that is apparent in many countries worldwide and is definitely being addressed by the ICRC via distribution of chlorine tablets, upgrading wells in use, and providing water filters to numerous clinics.

Photos via Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

Along with being vaccinated against polio, measles and other diseases, treatment is provided to malnourished children in therapeutic feeding centers, run by the Somali Red Crescent Society. It is proving effective and in turn provides a positive outlook for Somalia’s encompassing situation.

The ICRC’s support for local health-care facilities proves important as in Darfur where, along with the Ministry of Health, they have successfully vaccinated tens of thousands of children against diseases and continue to treat patients.

Photo via Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

How you can help
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Read more on the ICRC operational update Somalia: the struggle against food insecurity continues.

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